Astrologer Laura Craig

Venus Enters Taurus

Edward Francis Wells “The Shower of Gold”

April 14 - May 8, 2021

Venus in Taurus is a goddess that walks amongst us. She is enthroned in our earthly realm, made manifest in its natural wonders, and ensconced in all the loveliest corners of creation. Now, for instance, we can see her in the early hours, emerging as the Morning Star, her consort, Pan, piping at the gates of dawn. In the sunrise sky she becomes rosy-fingered Eos, who paints the horizon with her pastel palette.

By day, the horned ones reside in the idylls of rustic Arcadia, their sylvan retreat, where they enjoy the pleasures of eternal spring. In the night, they are dryads, disappearing into the trees, inhabiting the groves, glens and fields—sacred ritual sites and portals to other worlds. Here, our lady is known as Titania, or Queen Mab of the fairies, who rides her chariot “through lover’s brains, and then they dream of love” as Mercutio tells us. Through her Druid blood she is the ancestress of such Taurean words as “enduring,” “true” and “trust”. And you know she is nearby when Pan’s flute blows the wind in the willows, whose bark gives us magic, healing and relief from pain.

She has been called Hathor, empress of land and sky and goddess of cattle—ancient symbol of milk and money. And before that, had many other names, now lost to the Paleolithic mists of time. In Taurus, where she rules, Venus oversees the material world, the animal kingdom, and our plant allies. In relationship, she is as possessive as she is patient, as steady as she is stubborn. But give her comfort, security, and timeless beauty, and she will be a happy lover. For the next three weeks, she is bringing a sensuousness and slower pace to the Taurus-ruled parts of our charts; as well as engaging with Uranus, the Black Moon Lilith and Saturn, which may affect her natural poise for a time, and bring out a more vociferous side. This transit is, overall, a welcome one, which encourages us to trust in the rhythms of nature, to appreciate the true blue relationships in our lives, and take pleasure in simple, and sensual, delights.

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