Astrologer Laura Craig

Astrology did not find me until I was in my early 20s. Aside from knowing my Sun sign and looking up my horoscope in magazines, it was not at all a part of my worldview growing up. But when I had my first taste of its uncanny accuracy, a spark was ignited. And when I then began to learn more about my own natal chart, I could feel a deep love beginning to take root. For many years afterward, I was a believer and an enthusiast, but decidedly not a practitioner. Until...

At some point a few years ago, a desire to be less reliant on internet searches to interpret chart placements led to a determination to learn the basics for myself. And not long after that, synchronicity led me to the schools of evolutionary and archetypal astrology, and everything began to fall into place: The unfinished business of the soul became the lens through which the conditions of the current life could be viewed. Using that foundational framework, I have been on a continuous self-guided study of the art, informed by various astrologers from various philosophies, gathering threads and weaving them into my own ever-evolving technique of chart analysis.

Astrology, as I see it, is a fascinating and wonderful blend of art, language and divination. It is not a science, nor is it a religion, though it is based in astronomy and does present us with the big spiritual questions about the meaning of life and the nature of consciousness. Astrology, as I practice it, is about path-finding, and learning to live in harmony with the intentions of your higher self. How a person interacts with their birth chart is entirely up to them: my job is to give encouragement, clarification and validation. Wherever you are on your journey to self-discovery and self-acceptance, I look forward to meeting you.

What I do

Using the birth chart and the symbols within as a map of your past, present and future, I will interpret the narrative of your life as I see it. Where are the challenges, obstacles and blockages? Where are the strengths, gifts and potentials? Who are the heroes, heroines and myths that operate through you? With a non-judgmental and optimistic approach, and using simple, clear language, I create a safe and confidential space to discuss whatever areas of your life you feel need exploration. You do not need to be familiar with astrology or practice it yourself to have a reading done.  An open mind, and accurate birth data, are the only prerequisites.

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