Astrologer Laura Craig

"Simply put, I have never felt more understood (even by my Self) than I did when I did my reading with Laura. Her gift of presence and creating a safe space, painting a picture and story through archetypes, and presenting what can be complicated information in a digestible way is truly unique and so on point. I have had my chart read in the past but this was a truly unique experience that gave me deeper understanding of me and a sense of inner peace by being able to step back and look more objectively at my life experience. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to get to know themselves at a deeper level to do a reading with Laura."

Nicolette B.

"I think we often forget how powerful we are. The day before meeting with Laura, my intention was to understand what my soul came here to do. Not only did I get that huge piece of information (ask and it is given), I got a snapshot of where I had been and how the things I loved or had an aversion to were critical nuggets of insight and wisdom. Nothing is coincidental and I walked away with a knowingness and confirmation of what my next steps were. If you have been doing your own personal development and soul work, Laura’s gift and expertise will help usher you to the next level. One of the best investments I’ve made for myself!"

Natalie L.

"My reading with Laura was among other things, extremely insightful. I was in a strange transition in my life so I was looking for guidance in less traditional ways. My view of astrology has changed since seeing Laura interpret my natal chart. Without knowing each other at all at the time, she was spot on about so many things in my past and really confirmed patterns I was beginning to notice in my life. Not only that, but she provided possible potentials for me that I have begun to explore, that I wouldn't have otherwise. I recommend this experience to anyone who enjoys introspection as well as anyone who is looking for validation. A natal chart reading with Laura is simply assessing your strengths, weaknesses and cards you've been dealt. She is extremely professional, friendly, and more intuitive than she knows. Thank you Laura!"

Morgan H.

"Laura made me feel something I rarely get the chance to experience, understood by another. I’d never met Laura but after 5 minutes on the phone it felt as if she was my best friend. The way she explained my character traits and unique life situations through archetypes and myths was as if she’d been following me for a life time. She connected many dots that I hadn’t realized were connected. My life truly makes more sense to me now. Thank you Laura." 

Marcus M.

"Having Laura read my natal chart was a wonderful experience. She was warm, kind, and perceptive from the moment I contacted her. As I was completely new to astrology, she welcomed any and all questions that I had for her. Laura insightfully articulated key concepts, real life significances, and central take-away points from my chart. The reading was an open dialogue in which I could share and provide feedback as she explained her observations and intuitions. Bring a note pad, because you will have loads of great information to bring home with you. I would highly recommend a reading from Laura to anyone who is interested. Thank you Laura!"

Ellen M.

"Having my astrology chart created, read, and interpreted to me by Laura was one of the best decisions I have made. Laura, despite being a stranger to me at the time, was able to provide accurate details about myself, personality, and life based off of the chart. She was able to give me various different perspectives and insights on my life experiences to validate my struggles and decisions--reminding me that I am on the right track for my life's journey. And that validation was able to give me the courage to rediscover myself and what I would like to do in my life." 

Jaymie P.

"A friend of mine recommended getting a reading with Laura and I couldn’t be more thankful. I went in with little knowledge of astrology. It was definitely a learning experience for me. Laura has such great energy and is incredibly good at what she does. I couldn’t believe some of the things said during the reading. It couldn’t have been more spot on. It has truly changed me. I HIGHLY recommend!"

Marrea R.

"Laura has done several astrology readings for me and each one has been tremendously helpful. Laura explains things in a way that’s easy to understand, she is intuitive and a talented storyteller. Something that stands out about Laura’s readings is the way she explores and relays sensitive information. She always provides useful feedback and approaches to difficult situations and I am always grateful for her wisdom and support."


"As someone who has had many readings over the years, Laura's stands out as being the most thorough, comfortable, fun and spot on. She is now my go-to resource for making sense of personal and karmic patterns. She has helped me clarify my direction and purpose. It all just makes so much sense now! There is something very special about working with Laura- she has a confident but humble way that allows for mutual exploration of the chart so the reading keeps unfolding over time as she learns more about you. I have never experienced anything quite like it. If you are looking for a well grounded and highly intelligent astrologist, Laura is the one."

Sara S.

“Astrology has always interested me. As a kid I would greedily ready my newspaper horoscope or would go straight for the astrology books at Borders. For the longest time, I stuck to horoscopes and reading about my friends' personality traits. Astrology began to broaden as I got older. The science of mapping the stars began to peak my interest but I was intimidated by all the 'work.' 
I met with Laura for the first time in 2017 and had my natal chart read. Laura told me all the things I knew deep down but put it all into perspective. It’s interesting how a stranger can give you clarity about your life and your path. Laura’s in-depth reading was warm, insightful, and interactive. She answered all my questions and I was so pleased with the natal chart reading that I booked a second reading about a year later. Talking with Laura is like talking to an old friend. The connection was genuine and the conversation easeful. If you are considering a reading, I highly recommend Laura!"

Kiersten K.

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