Astrologer Laura Craig

Venus Enters Pisces

Odilon Redon “Ophelia”

February 24 - March 21, 2021

Venus has now left the Spartan air of Aquarius and today emerges from the seafoam into her favorite place in the Zodiac: the cosmic bath of Pisces, where she was born long, long ago. Her doves, dolphins and sea nymphs welcome her with fanfare, and she is lavished with all the finest pearls, rarest dyes and precious sunken treasure of the deep. In Pisces, the love goddess not only melds into but luxuriates in The Other, and the pleasure she seeks expands to euphoria and intoxication. 

Venus in Pisces can take many forms for her lover: what do you want her to be? She can be the Madonna or the Magdalene; Queen of Heaven or Lady of Sorrows. She can be the Thelemic Babalon or the Dionysian maenad. She can shapeshift into savior or siren; into mother, martyr or prostitute. She is a mirror to our own souls, the anima of our own individual psyches. However we conceive of her, her love is boundless and infinite, and her grail womb is a sacred chalice from which libations abundantly pour.  

The goddess, when she was Aphrodite, transformed herself and her son into fish to escape the raging sea monster. Because of her actions, they were the only ones to survive the destruction. Venus in Pisces can bring a deep desire to protect and to heal, as well as to numb and to escape. In her attempts to save, she can swallow you up or sweep you away, so if you dive down under then you must remember to come back up again. The temptation to dissolve is great and powerful. But this transit can bring a balm for the soul, and great care and compassion to the heart. 

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