Astrologer Laura Craig

Venus Enters Leo

Andy Warhol “Marilyn Monroe, 1967”

June 27 - July 21, 2021

When Venus enters Leo, her celestial path becomes the catwalk. We gather to watch her, rising every night in her evening stardom, on her throne in the western sky. On earth, she is feline of face and dignified in deportment. She prowls and purrs, equal parts affectionate and aloof. Beneath her honeyed coyness is a desire to be adored—but only on her terms. She is attracted to the flame and the flame is attracted to her, and we are pulled toward them both. Her time in the spotlight is energizing for all of us in some way: as she moves though the fire sign, she brings with her a strong dose of warmth, harmony and vibrancy to the Leo-ruled parts of our charts. We also find we have an eye for the performance, or the performative, and a concern with persona and role. 

Bear in mind, however, that Leo, like its fellow fixed signs, is supercharged territory this year. Our beautiful benefic will be traveling with Mars for much of the month, adding a flair (and a flare) for the dramatic and a volatility to our expression. She will also find herself caught in the ongoing Saturn-Uranus square, activating our own individual experience of the collective outer planet transit. As heroes in our own narratives, it will be a good opportunity to look at our personal avatars and archetypes of the Masculine and the Feminine, and of the wild and the tame, and how they inform our character. For now, anyway, the play’s the thing: allow space for creativity and indulge your inner child. Under Venus’s influence, we are all actors and players: all the world’s a stage, and life is a cabaret. 

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