Astrologer Laura Craig

Venus Enters Capricorn

The Black Madonna of Chartres Cathedral

January 8 - February 1, 2021

Venus in Capricorn is a goddess of power, protection and fertility, like mountain-born Cybele, or fish-tailed Atargatis. She is the muse of builders, architects and seafarers: we see her in the cathedral, with its arches, flying buttresses and rose windows; in the castle, with its towers and turrets; or on the ship, with its breast-bearing figurehead adorning the bow. In nature, she is the magic mistletoe that hangs from the sacred oak; or the queen bee sitting at the center of her hexagonal honeycomb hive. 

This is a placement of strength, stability, chivalry and nobility. It has a love of the enduring and respect for the time-honored. Venus in your Capricorn house is coming to connect, and to attract. She is bringing value to the things you’ve worked hard for and invested in. Her love language expresses itself in tangible rewards and gifts of the best quality. The heart, though, is the most valuable possession, worthy of the most beautiful ornaments as well as the strongest defenses.

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