Astrologer Laura Craig

“To the Fairest”

Venus + Lilith + Chiron in Aries

February 2020

“The Judgment of Paris” by Vojtech Hynais

In looking at how the pieces are positioned on the cosmic chessboard this month, one story is taking place in the sign of Aries that I feel deserves to be explored. 

Venus, planet of love and beauty and all the attendant positives and negatives that come with those concepts; Black Moon Lilith, a mathematical point I translate into the aspects of the Feminine that have been unconsciously repressed and vilified; and asteroid Chiron, the Wounded Healer, the loner centaur who is the wise mentor to all the young heroes—are all experiencing a conjunction in the early degrees of Aries. Further down the road at 15 degrees awaits Eris, the Goddess of Discord. They are strange bedfellows to be sure, but they all share one thing in this case: the experience of the outcast. 

In “The Judgment of Paris” from Greek mythology, the gods are all assembled at a wedding. All except Eris, who has not been invited, because she is generally seen as a troublemaker. In retaliation for the snub, she takes a golden apple, attaches to it a note that says “to the fairest,” tosses it into the crowd of goddesses, and watches. 

Aphrodite (love goddess), Hera (queen of the gods) and Athena (goddess of wisdom, war and craft) each believe that they are the intended recipient, begin to quarrel, and then ask Zeus to be the decider. He passes the job off to the Prince Paris. After they parade before him, first clothed, then nude, Paris still can’t decide who is the fairest, so the ladies resort to bribery. Aphrodite offers him the most beautiful woman in the world, if he picks her. Hera promises him worldly power. Athena promises glory in battle. He picks Aphrodite, she rewards him with Helen, and thus begins the Trojan War. 

This is a story that doesn’t paint a particularly kind or flattering picture of women. And it is the kind of story that I could see being one manifestation of the current placements in Aries. The pain that comes from exclusion, loneliness that comes from exile, competition that comes from a belief in scarcity; jealousy, vanity, greed, sexual objectification and misguided anger—all of those things I could see playing out. 

Who wins in the story? Eris? Venus? Paris? Certainly not poor Helen and the Trojans. Is it really winning if it’s predicated on hurting others or self-abasement? Can we have compassion as a culture for the Evil Fairy Godmother, the Witch, or the Wicked Stepmother? For the sex worker or the woman who embodies her sexuality in a way that society disapproves of? For the centaur that isn’t like other centaurs, let alone like other men? At some point in life we all experience the archetype of the Exile. It hurts to be left out! So do we then continue to disguise that pain as anger, or can we gain compassion for ourselves and others?

How can we then interpret this Aries territory: is it going to be a battleground? A proving ground? Or a call to courage? Does its fire ignite fury or passion? As always, I look for the highest possible expression of these energies and, when we maintain our sense of compassion, this becomes a story of mending broken hearts. It becomes a story of solidarity, uplifting, unification, redemption, sisterhood and brotherhood, advocacy, encouragement and mentorship. There is the potential here for great art and great healing

If you’re interested in looking deeper into how these placements relate to your own birth chart, send me a message to schedule a consultation. Here’s to straightening each other’s crowns.


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