Astrologer Laura Craig

There’s No Place Like Home

In the corner of the zodiac we call Pisces, Aries and Taurus, there has been a heroine’s journey unfolding that is now in its final leg. The story of Psyche I’ve already pointed to in a previous post; now consider the similar (less R-rated) one of Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz”, as told by the transits through those signs in the past month:

(2/16) Mercury stations retrograde in Pisces:  A tornado sweeps you away *over the rainbow* to an alternate reality of Technicolor wonder and poppy-induced dreams. You are given a hero’s welcome by strange, tiny people and a lovely woman in a magic bubble. 

(2/8-3/3) Venus in Aries, Conjuntions to Chiron, Lilith and Eris: You receive your talisman in the form of sparkly ruby-red shoes and follow the call to adventure. Along the way, you meet friends who share your misfit identity, but you are also beset by a wicked green-faced witch, angry that you have stolen what she believes to be rightly hers. You and your friends set off toward the Emerald City, each hoping to satisfy an individual desire from the all-powerful Oz. 

(3/8 & 3/11) Sun conjoins Neptune, Mercury stations direct in Pisces: When you finally arrive and pull back the curtain, you learn that there is no magic wizard and that what you were seeking has been within you the whole time. You gain clarity and continue to move forward on the path that leads you right back to where you started. You have been confronted with aspects of your own psyche seeking integration, that show up in the people closest to you. Your actions have taught you courage, wisdom and love, and shown you your true mettle. 

(3/4 & 3/9) Venus enters Taurus, conjunction to Uranus: You are now *out of the woods* and reminded of deep and simple truths. You see things differently. “Home” is a state of mind, and is where your heart is. You are changed for the better, and exactly who and where you’re supposed to be. You can now appreciate the friends, new and old, who carry you through life. 

In this metaphor, we are all Dorothy, regardless of gender identity. And wherever Mercury and Venus have been traveling through your chart, a process of learning has been taking place. Perhaps it has come with discomfort, frustration, confusion or self-doubt, but in the end we will find ourselves back on track, moving forward with more purpose and more clarity. Taurus, like a loyal Toto, reminds us of our animal nature and our most precious bonds. In the upcoming month, ask yourself: what are the things I value most, in myself and others? How have I surprised myself lately? Who and what am I grateful for, and where do I have unconditional love? And then tell yourself: I am deserving of comfort and pleasure and the goodwill of others. I have earned it.

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