Astrologer Laura Craig

Sun Enters Scorpio

Herbert James Draper “Autumn”

October 22 - November 21, 2021

The Scorpio Sun is equipped not only to see, but to shine, in the dark, while at the same time, it casts long shadows as it goes. It illuminates for its natives a life path beset with sticks and stones, barks and bites, underground tunnels and secret passageways, caves and crossroads, closets and cupboards, bed knobs, broomsticks, wishing wells, magic mirrors, poison apples and all manner of strange fruit. Scorpio’s children, as a result of this second sight, are masters of hide and seek. And as the protégées of Pluto and Mars, life is a perpetual game of truth or dare. They are bestowed, by these gods, from birth with the gifts of eagle eye, serpent tongue and phoenix fire in the heart—all the better with which to win, and live to play the game one more day.  

In this season, we honor these cunning folk, these shamans of the Zodiac. Our Scorpio friends, and foes, teach us how to pursue, to persevere, to plumb and to probe; to feel deeply, fight bravely and love devotedly. They encourage us to grasp, and hold on tightly, to whatever our quarry may be. This time of year brings initiations, large and small, into life’s mysteries; it brings gallows humor, strong opinions, a desire for privacy, and a dance with secrecy. We can all expect a deep dive into the area of our chart that contains this fixed water sign. Pick the bones clean, says Scorpio, and then go all the way to the marrow. There is hidden treasure to be found if we stay the course and don’t give up too soon. 

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