Astrologer Laura Craig

Sun Enters Sagittarius

Claude Monet “The Rue Montorgueil with Flags”

When the Sun enters Sagittarius, we all rise. They lift us up, these centaur souls, and inspire us with their mutable fire, like candles, passing their flame from wick to wick, until the altars of our hearts are caught ablaze. They come bearing the gifts of indomitable optimism and the belief in something more than Here and Now; imbued with the spirit of Sol Invictus and Saint Nicholas, hailing from the Galactic Center, and born amidst the Festival of Lights. 

As the Sun moves through the doorway of Sagittarius, it passes over the South Node of past lives and former selves, and gives an offering or a remembrance of some kind. Vesta (goddess and asteroid), wearing Saint Lucia’s robe and crown, and Mercury, joining in a few days’ time, play acolytes to our star, and carry the sacred flame to the areas of our lives that crave enlightening and enlivening. 

Where Sagittarius falls in your chart is where you can find your pulpit, your parables and your axioms; where you search, seek and want to believe; where you carry the torch for someone or something; and where, this past year and a half, you have been losing your religion, and piecing it back together again. 

And so, what is your reason for the season? With Jupiter at the helm, this time of year is as much about gluttony, consumerism and pomposity as it is about hope, faith and charity. Our conversations take a turn toward freedom and philosophy, toward justice and injustice, toward big questions, big ideas and the big picture. For now, save your solemnity and Scrooge-iness for Saturn’s season; all are welcome at Jove’s table, and God bless us every one

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