Astrologer Laura Craig

Sun Enters Pisces

Robert Knoebel “Dreaming Woman in a Boat Under a Stormy Sky”

February 18 - March 20, 2021

Today, the Sun moves into Pisces, the sign of the celestial fish. Two swimmers, connected by a heavenly umbilical cord. Or, in other depictions, two teardrops following each other’s tails in the circle of yin and yang. Mythically, Pisces tells stories of Aphrodite and Eros, of Jesus Christ, and of much older life-giving deities than those. Archetypally, it contains stories of faith and fertility, of mothers and sons, of dreams and the unconscious, of escapism and the ineffable.

For those born under Pisces, how strongly one’s Sun (read: Ego function) shines is a question of proximity to sea level. For some, the birth chart is cast so that the light looks and feels as it does from just under the surface of the water: bright, benevolent rays, flitting, rippling and tripping off the psychedelic waves, moving and morphing from moment to moment. Others, through their nativities, live further down, where the solar light is blurry, gauzy and diffused, as if in a dream—still warm, but losing its potency. And others live in the deepest depths, where evidence of the Sun is just a dim point of light, a hazy beacon that stands to remind them of the way skyward. Here, life is strange and otherworldly, with fantastical creatures that feel, rather than see, their way around. For all who inhabit it, the watery internal world of Pisces encapsulates and envelopes to varying degrees, from quiet and womblike to overwhelming and inundating. 

Of all the various forms of love the Ancient Greeks had words for, “agape” was considered the highest, purest, form. It referred to the unconditional, selfless and charitable love that flows from the divine Source, and toward which we should all aspire. Pisces espouses this spiritual concept more than any of the other signs. With its mystic eyes, it looks through the Neptunian glass darkly, and grapples with the enigma of being a soul housed in a body; of being both perfect and imperfect; and of a God that is at once everywhere and nowhere. And with its poet’s heart, Pisces teaches us that there are realms to be explored, and beauty to be found, beyond the tangible world.

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