Astrologer Laura Craig

Sun Enters Libra

Pierre-Auguste Renoir “The Swing”

Lovely Libra 

Divine dancer, autumnal ambassador 

Adorn yourself in rose hips, acorns and blackberry bramble

In sapphire, opal and tourmaline

And carry us over the threshold. 

Decorate your bower with flowers, feathers and the finest twigs

To court your lover.

A child of Mother Ma’at, Wise Astraea, Winged Nemesis 

And Golden Aphrodite.

Golden Rule and Golden Ratio.

Your heartstrings tuned to a pleasing pitch,

Your eye focused on the art of living.

Give peace a chance. 

The world, and the people in it, will put your poise to the test

More times than you will ever be able to count.

Find your breath, restore your composure. Begin again. 
“If you haven’t got anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all”
Mind your manners, weigh your words. 

All you need is love. 
Equal day and equal night

Growing dark and waning light.

The winds of change bring poignant promise.

Two roads diverge in a wood,
And Libra takes the Middle Way.

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