Astrologer Laura Craig

Sun Enters Capricorn

Claude Monet “A Seascape Shipping by Moonlight”

The Sun in Capricorn must be strong for us all: we are depending on it for our lives. Each year, as we in the north anticipate another hard winter, it rises to the occasion, however depleted, and pulls us through. At the appointed time, and without fail, our solar king arrives, and stands, at the lintel of the megaliths, a beam of light in the stony aperture, and brings us into Saturn’s domain. Here, we honor Father Time, pay homage to the auld lang syne, and extol the evergreen.

Capricorn creates the architecture of our reality, down to our very bones. It charts the course, builds the scaffold, and climbs the ladder to achieve, and make manifest, its dreams. It is at home equally in the hermitage, high office, or the open sea. Its Saturnalian soul contains a Lord of Rule, and a lesser-seen Lord of Misrule; as much an Ivy League Apollo as an ivy-crowned Dionysus. A steady, sure-footed old goat, Capricorn walks its path, often in solitude, listening for, and ready to obey, the call from on high, but still occasionally hears the call of Pan’s pagan pipes, leading it to the dance in the misty mountains. 

Where Capricorn falls in our charts is where we raise the standard and captain our ship; where we are driven by duty and quality, and practice patience and perseverance; where much is expected of us, and of ourselves; and where we advance—stone by stone and year by year—in service to something monumental. As the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto travel over this terrain of life, presiding over our all our securities and exchanges, we are asked to face whatever comes with pragmatism and equanimity. Take the reins and trust yourself. Work hard so that you might play harder. And if the world starts to bring you down, remember that worrying never solved anything. So keep calm and carry on. 

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