Astrologer Laura Craig

Sun Enters Aquarius

Erin Kelso “Harpy”

January 19 - February 19, 2021

When the Sun is traveling through Aquarius, it is as far from its home in Leo as it will be all year. Similarly, to the Aquarius Sun child, the world can feel like unfamiliar territory where, like a planet in detriment, one must pay close attention to the lay of the land in order to get on well. Here, there is no divine right of kings; no arcane and esoteric mandate from God. Power is derived from one’s constituents—given, not taken. Identity is self-determined—taken, not given. One may feel like a fish out of water, but at the same time, the ego is unburdened by inheritance and expectation; free from the pressure to perform, to lead, and to always measure up.

The Aquarian soul contains the story of Ganymede, the beautiful young shepherd who was abducted by the eagle Zeus, born aloft to Mount Olympus, and appointed as cup-bearer to the gods. His was a position of honor and privilege, to be sure, but nonetheless one he did not ask for. Some may identify with him as alien, or adoptee, plucked out of obscurity and re-planted in faraway soil. Some may see in him their own loss of innocence at the hands of a powerful figure, or experience of rude awakening. For some, it may be his liminal, or in-between, status. Close to power but still a servant…Not quite divine, but no longer human…Belonging to both worlds and yet at home in neither. And for others, it is dreams of flying and journeys into the clouds, to breathe the rarified air of Olympus. Ganymede, when present in the psyche, gives one a sense of distance and detachment, even dissociation. But the gift of Aquarius is that of individuation, and the knowledge that what makes us different is what makes us unique. 

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