Astrologer Laura Craig

Saturn Square Uranus: Part 2

Salvador Dali “Rhinoceros Disintegration of Ilissus of Phidias”

We’ve just about reached the midpoint of the year, which, for us in the northern hemisphere, is the period of greatest light, and the Sun’s time to shine. It is also the second of three times this year that Saturn in Aquarius will square off with Uranus in Taurus. In one corner, the earth god, timekeeper, and golden age relic. In another, the rebel, the awakener, and lawbreaker. The old king versus the jester. The child-gobbler versus the fire starter. It’s an event you want to tune into, or at least be aware of. The Moon, traveling through Leo, kicks off the occasion with sparks and ceremony. Venus will arrive in the lion’s sign at the end of the month, and Mars, already there, will reach the Saturn-Uranus crosshairs in early July, just in time for our country’s birthday. Fireworks indeed!

Saturn and Uranus are doing this dance for the better part of this entire year, and the last time they met in exact aspect was in February. This time around, however, Saturn is retrograde, which brings us back to the Sun. 

The story of retrograde Saturn, like all retrogrades, is a story of its relationship to the Sun, via our perspective here on Earth. Astrologically, the two represent different aspects of the Father archetype, informing how we grow, develop, define ourselves, and build our lives. As backward-moving Saturn engages with the Sun, it constellates in the human psyche themes of Ego and authority. “How safe is it for me to shine?” is one question we might ask ourselves. We might also look back at our earliest containers, our parents and/or our protectors, and evaluate how they shaped our relationship to childhood, and to adulthood. Themes of individuation, self-expression, inner resources, boundaries, and rules are also up for review. 

Uranus, meanwhile, is exactly conjunct asteroid Ceres, the mythic Mother, bringing up stories of separation and reunion, abundance and lack, wisdom lost and remembered, nature as cruel and kind, and our marriage to this earth, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse. 

Fathers and mothers. Time and seasons. Past and future. Inheritance and legacy. Values and self-worth. All fall under the vast umbrella of this Saturn-Uranus square, which spans outward to all of the four fixed signs. Now, and this year, we (as individuals and as a collective) are slowly remembering what we had forgotten. We are wanting to be held without being swallowed up. We are wanting to honor our parents without owing them. We are choosing where to adhere and where to break free. And, with the gods’ encouragement, we are walking the evolutionary path to becoming more ourselves. 

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