Astrologer Laura Craig

Jupiter Enters Pisces

…And my cup runneth over. To the family, friends, clients, readers, ancestors and spirit guides, that surround and support me, enrich, fulfill and inspire me, I want to say a huge thank you: I am so grateful to have you in my life. My wish is that we might all share in this 9 of cups moment, this welcome homecoming of Jupiter into Pisces: a blessing, a bright spot, to hopefully offset any bleakness that exists elsewhere in our worlds. For much of 2022, our Greater Benefic will be empowered— expanding, increasing, and spreading the wealth over our Pisces placements, expanding our spiritual lessons, our faith, our creativity and optimism, as well as increasing such less desirable habits as over-indulgence, over-promising, addiction, illusion, and the egotism of martyrdom. And with brother Neptune co-present and equally strong, it ought to make for a psychedelic time, a freewheeling Fantasia of the mind, body and spirit. 

The trick to navigating next year seems to be to dream big without burning out, or losing your head; and to steal joy when you can. We are far from peace on earth and goodwill towards men, but Jupiter in Pisces lets hope spring eternal that one day we’ll get there, and in the meantime we might at least seize the day. So let us eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow is never promised. Wishing you and yours a healthy, happy and abundant new year. 

December 28, 2021 - May 10, 2022

October 28, 2022 -  December 20, 2022

Sun Enters Capricorn

Claude Monet “A Seascape Shipping by Moonlight”

The Sun in Capricorn must be strong for us all: we are depending on it for our lives. Each year, as we in the north anticipate another hard winter, it rises to the occasion, however depleted, and pulls us through. At the appointed time, and without fail, our solar king arrives, and stands, at the lintel of the megaliths, a beam of light in the stony aperture, and brings us into Saturn’s domain. Here, we honor Father Time, pay homage to the auld lang syne, and extol the evergreen.

Capricorn creates the architecture of our reality, down to our very bones. It charts the course, builds the scaffold, and climbs the ladder to achieve, and make manifest, its dreams. It is at home equally in the hermitage, high office, or the open sea. Its Saturnalian soul contains a Lord of Rule, and a lesser-seen Lord of Misrule; as much an Ivy League Apollo as an ivy-crowned Dionysus. A steady, sure-footed old goat, Capricorn walks its path, often in solitude, listening for, and ready to obey, the call from on high, but still occasionally hears the call of Pan’s pagan pipes, leading it to the dance in the misty mountains. 

Where Capricorn falls in our charts is where we raise the standard and captain our ship; where we are driven by duty and quality, and practice patience and perseverance; where much is expected of us, and of ourselves; and where we advance—stone by stone and year by year—in service to something monumental. As the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto travel over this terrain of life, presiding over our all our securities and exchanges, we are asked to face whatever comes with pragmatism and equanimity. Take the reins and trust yourself. Work hard so that you might play harder. And if the world starts to bring you down, remember that worrying never solved anything. So keep calm and carry on. 

Venus Retrograde in Capricorn

John William Waterhouse “Boreas”

There is a changing of the guard in the evening sky. The time has come for Venus, our beautiful wandering star, who has shone so brightly over us these past months, to wander retrograde for 40 days and nights, away from the public gaze, through the Capricornian wilderness. She is met by Pluto, the god of buried treasure, with temptations of devilish decadence, and then stripped of her jewels and her luxuries. An initiate now, she is ready to ingest his powerful purgative, and to face the Sun’s purifying, clarifying rays. Venus retrograde: the feminine urge to descend, haunt and transform every 1.5 years.  

Venus retrogrades bring about, among other things, a referendum on our collective ideals, our consensus reality, and a balancing and accounting of relationships. In Capricorn, and with Pluto’s influence, we will be turning our attention to the power dynamics at play in both our microcosm and our macrocosm. Up for review and reconsideration will be our relationship to time, to money, to self-worth, and to our roles within our particular “establishments”. Our commitments, our investments, our work-life balance, our dependencies and independencies, will undergo an internal probe. 

Boundaries: how well do you exercise yours? How well do you respect others’? Value and currency: are you being sufficiently compensated for your labor? How about for your emotional labor? And if not, how and in what ways would you like to be compensated? Tradition: How do you and your partner inhabit gender roles? How beholden are you to the past, or to your ancestors? Where do you differ from your parents and grandparents, and in what ways are you replicating their patterns? The Feminine: how comfortable are you with slowing down, or with receiving? In what ways have you been exploited and extracted from? And in what ways have you been the exploiter or the extractor? Morality: do you carry shame around things you’ve done in order to survive? What are your notions of “sin” and where did they come from? Are they a burden you are tired of carrying? Can you learn to stop punishing yourself? And finally, legacy: in what ways has patrimony led us astray as a society? What have you inherited, for better or for worse? What are you building, of value to you, that you will leave behind one day? And what are you taking with you into the next life?

This is a very strong crucible for our heroine to be re-forged in, but though under the rulership of Saturn, no heart of stone will she emerge with. After she stations direct, Venus—reborn as morning star—will wait, as Mars comes to accompany her, out of Capricorn, past Pluto’s gates again, and on through Aquarius until the spring. A power couple indeed. And we will have transformed in one way or another as well: closer (I hope) to knowing our true selves, our true worth and our true power; feeling more deserving of life, love, happiness and success, and ready to move mountains to make it all happen. 

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