Astrologer Laura Craig

New Moon in Libra

Auguste Rodin “Triton et Nereide”

In the early hours of Wednesday, as the stars look on dreamy-eyed, the Sun and the Moon renew their vows in Libra. Mars and Venus take to the floor for their final dance, before the goddess moves on to Sagittarius, and their mutual reception ends. The retrograde Mercury spins all our old favorites, and least favorites. Do you hear that? They’re playing our song…

Ah, love. It’s a dance that has tricky steps. And with this New Moon, we are maneuvering with Mars, on the one hand, and with Venus at the tail end of the Scorpion, on the other. This is a corner of the Zodiac full of edges and thorns, as well as deep healing and transformation, so we’ll want to proceed carefully and tenderly. The desire for rush and the desire for release vie equally in the psyche; the pathways between pain and pleasure are open and lit up; we seek calm by way of catharsis. Let us find ways to satiate and soothe without poking at wounds, picking at scars, or harming ourselves or others. Libra, by way of Venus, will have equilibrium one way or another. So let the endorphins come through healthy physical exertion, through music, through artistic expression, through hugs and laughs and respectful, consensual touch and talk. And honor our human needs for both solitude and connection, for independence and partnership, for we are planting the seeds in that particular flower bed now, to be harvested in the coming spring. 

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