Astrologer Laura Craig

New Moon in Leo

Henri-Camille Danger “Les Lucioles”

This year, and for the next two years, we can think of Leo and the Leo-ruled parts of our charts as the birthplace of a new sense of self. One of the signposts, or crossroads, along the long and winding coronation street is tomorrow’s New Moon, with its strong Uranian influence, and coming on the heels of the Sun-Mercury conjunction. Under this lunation, the ego is evolving, and things are being born anew. Sometimes—often—such an act requires a rebellion of sorts, a break from tradition, or a new perspective: looking at things, or at ourselves, from a different angle.

So do you, or don’t you dare? Depending on your natal relationship to the fixed signs, this New Moon could bring any number of novelties. For some, it could be a new haircut, or a new toy; maybe a new drama or a new love. For others, a revelation of the heart, a change in leadership, or a crisis of conscience. It may feel exciting or inspiring, uncomfortable or unsettling. For each of us in our own small way, it is a great leap forward. So whatever we are revitalizing or revamping, let us remember that radical need not mean rash, and innovative need not mean impulsive. This lunation is a divine spark, a firefly in the dark: how we capture it and play with it, feed it or free it, is up to us. 

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