Astrologer Laura Craig

Morning Star Venus: The Powerhouse

Christine de Pizan “L’Epistre de Othéa a Hector”

The planet Venus, in her morning apparition, is at the point of greatest brightness this week. If you rise before the dawn, you will see her in the eastern sky: Golden Aphrodite, resplendent on her throne. Her seat of power, this time, is 9° Gemini, on the Royal Star Aldebaran, rose-red eye of the bull in the Taurus constellation, and alpha star of eminence, fortune, strength and protection. It is also the opulent and bejeweled bedchamber of Rohini, the Vedic Moon God’s most favorite wife. As Aphrodite “Pandemos,” our lady is the goddess in her role as ruler of earthy Taurus (not lofty Libra), concerned with the material world, bodily instincts, fertility, creativity and resources. Genuflect before the Queen of Heaven while she is in residence and she may bless you with the desires of your heart.

Meanwhile, in her oceanic birthplace of Pisces, Neptune rules, Ceres swells, and the Moon sails through, all three sending gold and silver threads of goodwill along a harmonious channel to the Sun, Vesta and Mercury in Cancer, who reciprocate with warmth and welcome. Fill your bellies, bathe in the waters, bask in the brilliance and let yourself feel and dream. Luxuriate in flesh and scent. Manifest benevolent power. In a time which has been characterized by so much frustration and fighting, this a window of beauty and potency. Allow the gods and goddesses to fill your cup and enjoy the ripe and juicy fruit on offer.

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