Astrologer Laura Craig

Mercury in Virgo

Rachel Ruysch “Still Life with Flowers”

August 20 - September 5, 2020

Mercury moves into its other home of Virgo today. Time to get out the measuring tapes, the microscopes, the thermometers and barometers, the counters, the calipers and the compasses. The mind, though, is our primary instrument. Like a kid with brand-new school supplies, the messenger planet is in its earthy element and ready to go to work–analyzing, quantifying and processing the world around us. Similar to its Gemini function, its role here is an investigative one, only whereas Mercury in the mutable air sign is primarily concerned with Who, When and Where, Mercury in Virgo wants to know more of the What, Why and How. 

Mercury in the sign of the grain goddess is a winnower, separating the wheat from the chaff. The work, meticulous and often tedious, is not done for its own sake, but for the sake of making the crop edible. Done incorrectly, and we don’t eat! Here, details matter; skill-building is a rewarding pursuit; and logic, efficiency and precision are valued. This is a placement that is attuned to understanding not only how things operate, but also how they can be improved. Practicality plus adaptability, and a shrewd mind, are the gifts of Mercury in Virgo.

This transit, then, is a good opportunity to take a discerning eye to the Virgo house(s) in your chart, and think about the ways it could be made to run more efficiently. How is Mercury moving through, showing you your potential? What can be edited out? Be aware that this energy, while coming from a place of service and aspiration, can read as critical or calculating, and so practice patience and leave room for imperfection, with yourself and others. And if the task at hand feels overwhelming, Mercury in Virgo tells us to break things down into smaller, more digestible pieces, and soon we’ll be proudly crossing things off the list. 

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