Astrologer Laura Craig

Mercury in Gemini & Mars in Pisces

Cy Twombly “Summer Madness”

Today, Mercury comes back home to Gemini, where he will be until May 28, sharing stories with the other planetary and asteroid travelers, of his experiences throughout the zodiac for the past year. These stories show up in our conversations, our thoughts, our written words, our media reports and our internet searches. With Venus, the talk is about relationships and money. With Vesta, home and family. With Proserpina–women’s voices, the beauty of spring, protecting our children. Hygeia—health and wellness. Metis—wisdom, science and knowledge. The north node—the future of data and how we digest information. Feels busy, right? Mercury in Gemini has a lot to say.

On Wednesday, Mars goes into Pisces until June 27, and will not feel so at home. In the depths of the water sign, his will and focus become diffuse and scattered. Anger simmers or comes out in the form of tears. Or, for some, great art and poetry. Either way, it’s hard to see clearly, so whether that’s the virus or somebody’s emotions, we’re having to feel our way through fraught, changeable territory. 

There is a collab forming between Gemini and Pisces that forms the backdrop of the month, the headliner being the Venus-Neptune square. From ocean waves to brain waves, the feedback loop can be stimulating to our dopamine receptors, but we should be careful to know the difference between high and happy. With so much emphasis on the mutable signs, and Neptune’s reality-bending influence, things are likely to feel blurry, confusing, inundating, headache-inducing, hilarious and inspiring from one moment to the next. Mercury, squaring Mars in Pisces (the Ten of Cups), tells us to enjoy the good times in the moment, and to beware of illusions, fantasies and false hope, whether that’s to do with the information we are consuming or the relationships we are having. This could be a great time for creativity, but there isn’t much of a solid foundation (earth sign-wise, there’s only one more week of Taurus season and Capricorn is having its own issues right now). The world is in flux and on shaky ground, so maybe hold off on long-term planning and investment. Just try to keep an open mind, an open heart, live in the moment and ride the wave.

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