Astrologer Laura Craig

Mercury in Cancer

Winslow Homer, “Boys in a Dory 1880”

(May 28 - Aug 5) 

Mercury leaves Gemini for Cancer today, and along with him, as always, go our minds. We are traveling from one changeable sign to another, only, instead of the rapidly updating newsfeed that is Gemini, we are moving through the fluctuating landscape of moods and emotions. This is because Mercury is in the Moon’s sign now, and will answer to her for the duration of his stay. And as she will be tracing her own path around and around the zodiac during this time, we can expect to tune into a variety of channels.

Science is now saying that we have a “second brain,” housed in our digestive system, and that it communicates with the brain in our head in mysterious and fascinating ways. So this whole time we’ve spoken colloquially about “gut reactions” or “trusting our gut,” we didn’t know how right we were. There is an intelligence in our stomachs and we know it. Actually, we feel it. Cancer of course rules our stomachs, so while Mercury is there, he is sitting at the helm of human instinct. His role is not to intellectualize as before, but to intuit. 

If you find yourself feeling nostalgic, thinking about the past, or telling stories about loved ones who are gone, don’t be surprised. The Moon and Cancer hold our memories, and tie us to our ancestors. Mercury may be trying to re-connect you to them. As you go about your days, and as the occasion arises, allow your thoughts to drift, and trust them to take you where you need to go. Do your best thinking (or crying) in the shower, as the water washes over you; or while you cook your favorite meal, or walk your dog, or watch your kids play. Tailor your music to your moods and let it keep you company throughout the ups and downs.

With a retrograde coming next month (more on that later), we will have extra time to feel into this energy and bathe in its healing waters. Wherever Cancer falls in your chart is where Mercury will be calling on your lunar intelligence—to learn from the past and to listen to your gut.

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