Astrologer Laura Craig

Mercury Enters Sagittarius

Unknown Artist, “Comet of 1532”

December 1 - December 21, 2020

Having emerged out of his extended stay in the watery confines of Scorpio, Mercury bursts forth into Sagittarius with gusto. His caduceus morphs into bow and arrow. No longer a spy but a herald now, he announces his presence with energy and enthusiasm. A fire is lit underneath him, and he is eager to be off exploring this wide open space. But right out of the gate, he balks: to the god of small things, suddenly the world seems a very big place. To compensate for his detriment, he must expand and inflate to fill the mental and verbal landscape of this sign. To keep up with the fiery pace, he will now tend to overlook details, or move headlong into ideas and conversations without much deliberation or forethought. Microphones everywhere become megaphones. When in Sagittarius, he quickly learns, do as Jupiter does.

While the messenger is in Sagittarius, our exchanges may become bolder and more impassioned, our speech more forthright and direct. When on the receiving end we may be nonplussed by the lack of a filter, but may also trust that it comes from a place of honesty and sincerity. For some, communication styles can go from verbal to verbose, or from personal to professorial, and from there to pontificating. The open mind (and mouth), chasing big ideas, seeking lofty ideals, or championing a cause, can get carried away. But that same freedom of speech can be refreshing and enlivening. That excitement of the eternal student can be infectious and inspiring. So by all means, for the duration of this transit, climb up on your soapbox and carry on! 

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