Astrologer Laura Craig

Mercury Enters Libra / Venus Enters Leo

Florine Stettheimer “Asbury Park South”

Mercury enters Libra today (until September 26) on a whirlwind diplomatic visit, to survey the lay of the relational landscape and perhaps to set things in order before next month’s retrograde in Scorpio. In Libra, the planet is traveling through the Marketplace of Ideas, where—in theory— freedom of speech is valued, conversation is seen as a healthy exchange, and all viewpoints are valid as long as they don’t endanger anyone or threaten individual liberties. Mercury in the Venus-ruled sign can be a natural mediator, seeking to understand opposing sides and broker agreement; it can also spin its wheels in deliberation, unable to make a decision once and for all.

In the case of this transit, there are some caveats to this: before the messenger can leave Libra later this month, it will have to pass through a tough square to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and an opposition to retrograde Mars in Aries, putting all of its natural courtesy and equanimity to the test. Meanwhile, Venus will be in Leo for the duration (September 6 - October 2), so the objective may be less about getting along than about being right, or perceived as “good.” And she, too, will be squaring off with Mars mid-month. With these influences factored in, the aforementioned free market now takes on the look of a stage, or a schoolyard, where passions run high, we act out our various individual dramas, and our pride, as well as our hearts, are on the line. It will be harder keep a level head, or to just “agree to disagree.”

This month, Mercury and Venus are asking: when it comes to how you relate to others, what does freedom of expression mean to you? The potential challenges of these transits will be: wanting to be heard while remembering to listen; receiving rather than reacting; peacekeeping but not placating; disagreeing but not condemning; and fairness without false equivalency. The potential gifts will be: an impassioned outlook, artistic inspiration, and an extra dose of confidence when it comes to expressing the love that we feel. If the ego can be kept in check, then this could be the perfect time for a nourishing heart-to-heart.

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