Astrologer Laura Craig

Mars Enters Libra

Me in my art studio, at work on my “Tarot, Reimagined” series

September 14 - October 31, 2021

As my Mars return approaches, I feel called to honor the timestamp with a nod to the god who, for my entire life, has driven me to make art. Mars in Libra, you will read, or hear, is a planet in detriment, stuck languishing in a strange zodiacal space. I can attest that this is indeed the case, as my Mars lives and breathes it every day. But though paradoxical, such placements need not be problematic; they are the rich, complex stuff that humans are made of, and can be our greatest teachers. In my case, Mars is conjoined to the asteroid goddess Athena, in the 5th house of delights. With Saturn not far off, you could say I take my fun very seriously. There is a King of Swords that lives inside of me, full ideas and ideals, passion and prudence, and only the most righteous rage. 

Mars symbolizes will, the Masculine complex, and the ability to make things happen; and where in the chart he falls becomes the proving ground for all of those things. For the next month and a half, the Red Planet will be transiting through the Libran parts of all our lives, and will have to learn the Venusian rules of romance and diplomacy, and to play politics, in order to enact his will. All anger and activation will have to pass and process through the airy channels of words, customs and etiquette, played out in the mirror of those who sit opposite us. We flare up, only to cool down; we sever, only to reconnect again; we pierce, but then we pacify. But—while we hesitate, and deliberate, we also boldly create, and bravely relate. With Venus next door in Scorpio until early October, each will be getting a taste of the other’s medicine, and hopefully coming out the better for it. And come Libra season, Mars will encounter the fiery rays of an equally bemused Sun, and tango with a retrograde Mercury, all fanned by the favorable winds of Jupiter in Aquarius. Renewed and graceful, measured and strategic, Mars in Libra takes an idea and pursues it, fights even, to realize it. What will you champion in the coming weeks?

Astrology is the study of cycles in time and in the life. Are you curious about which cycles are ending and beginning for you? Or which planets are needing tending or wanting to be heard at the moment? Send me a message to schedule a natal chart consultation, and let’s start digging out and polishing those diamonds in the rough, so that they too get their time to shine. 

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