Astrologer Laura Craig

Mars Enters Leo

August Macke “Don Quixote”

June 11 - July 29, 2021

Pride. Honor. Valor. Excellence. These are the gifts of Mars in Leo. Today, the god of war advances out of Cancer into the sovereign’s sign, head high and headstrong. With him he carries lance and laurel wreath; his shield, crest, coat of arms and other devices of nobility marking him with distinction. He commands our attention, as he basks in the light, his solar crown a symbol, not of divine right, but of triumph. 

The raw energy of Mars becomes refined in Leo, but no less passionate. This configuration gives birth to decorated leaders, feline huntresses and bold thespians—magnetic souls, fueled by love, admiration and loyalty, and ready to reciprocate by entertaining, inspiring, protecting, or even sacrificing themselves, in the extreme. In transit, it ignites our inner flames; and our warmth—or ire—pulses with lifeblood, radiating outward, emanating our expression. But in the fixed sign we are steady in our core. Ideally, during this time, we stay away from tyranny and egotism. We want the confidence without the conceit. We aim to be centered in Self without being self-centered; to be assertive but not aggressive, fierce but not savage, daring but not rash. Mars in Leo teaches us that courage, like the word itself, comes from the heart. Does your heart burn with love or loathing? Both will motivate you to pursue your goals, to succeed, and to overcome, but only a champion of love is worthy of the crown. 

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