Astrologer Laura Craig

Hello and Welcome

Hi, I’m Laura. I’m a Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Cancer rising. In my role as astrologer, I see myself as a mixture of existential detective, planetary portrait painter and cosmic journalist. The latter is primarily who you will find here, as this is the space where I translate the goings-on above and below, and get to have fun with words, stories and archetypes. But natal astrology is my love language, and my consultation work my passion, so for this intro post, some thoughts on the birth chart and self-acceptance—

The thing I love about natal astrology is how it validates not only the parts of ourselves that we like, but also those parts that we find harder to like. Our charts can flatter of course, which feels good, but what I find much more useful is how they mirror to us our conflicts, our contradictions and our weirdness. Take mine, for instance: I have a Sun that is pulled in many directions, a rising sign that would rather not be rising, a muzzled Mars, a malefic party in my house of joy, and a majorly quirky Mercury. And I could go on!

If I didn’t know these things, I imagine I might often feel lost, confused, or unsure of myself. But because I am aware of the cards I was dealt, I can play them more consciously. With map and flashlight in hand, I can be on the lookout for the pitfalls and potholes in my own psyche (and in others’). I don’t feel any judgment toward those placements, only curiosity and (dare I say) fondness. I no longer feel the need to apologize for the things that make me me. And sure, you can get to that place without astrology, but it will probably take a lot longer.

There are no bad birth charts, only narrow, unimaginative interpretations. There are no perfect birth charts either, for that matter. So don’t lament your placements—the planets are teachers that already exist within us, so fighting them is like tilting at windmills. Instead, can we try to hear what the gods are saying to us, to see how they are living through us? Those challenging aspects, those afflicted planets, are a reflection of your complexity and your humanity. And through them lie your growth, your wisdom and your wholeness. So let’s give them a little extra love, which is what they likely need. 

My approach is not about sugar coating or glossing over hard stuff; it is about looking for redemption and silver linings (fitting terms for my Moon-Neptune in Sag). To me, each birth chart is coat of many colors, and each reading is a search for the threads of the soul that are woven through the tapestry of space and time. 

And so, forget the rules for just a minute, about hard aspects and malefics, detriment and dignity—what placements are you proud of? Which do you enjoy the most, from lived experience? If you don’t know, or are curious about what your chart holds, then I invite you to schedule a reading and to allow me to mirror back to you the beauty and uniqueness of your self and soul. Let’s make meaning together of your cosmic map.

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