Astrologer Laura Craig

Happy Birthday, Capricorn!

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December 21, 2020 - January 21, 2021

It may come at the end of our calendar year, but Capricorn knows that good things come to those who wait, and that last definitely doesn’t mean least. Capricorns are pledged to Saturn, the icy dark lord of the rings, and so look askance at the rest of us Sun worshippers. In the embrace of Father Time, they see no need to hurry, or to fight the ticking of the clock. Watched over by the most ancient god, they have respect for tradition and the old ways. The Senex is a testament to a life lived. The Crone is not to be feared or avoided—she is a source of great wisdom!

Its modality is cardinal and its triplicity is feminine earth. There is natural authority and powerful creativity in Capricorn. For all its characteristic seriousness, there is a wild side to Capricorn that should not be discounted. Its symbol is the sea-goat, a mythical creature with associations to the Horned God Pan. Capricorn has an amphibious quality, at home at sea and on dry land, but bound either way by the empirical, material laws of nature. In their bones, these natives know that the Original Ones were earth deities, and that the megaliths and standing stones contain their stories. 

The other signs of the zodiac help us navigate through life in important ways, but it’s Capricorn who captains the ship. We stargazers look to the heavens in awe, but it’s Capricorn who maps the sky. It is they who oversee the monumental projects, who cultivate the earth and dam the rivers, to give rise to civilized, organized life. Without Capricorn there would be no structure to our lives, no laws, no limits—and we would be adrift without purpose, without containment, without rudder or anchor. We put our trust in their capable hands and on their solid shoulders. Many attempt to climb mountains, but Capricorn has the long game to make it to the summit. It is the sign of the Great Work, for which there are no short cuts, no life hacks. The cathedrals and pyramids weren’t built in a day. 

To be born under Capricorn is to be born into expectation, both from oneself and from others. They are here to learn duty, responsibility and boundaries; to meet their inner parent; and to create something long-lasting. They are happiest when they are achieving, and being duly rewarded for their hard work. Being so accustomed to pulling their weight, they will rarely, if ever, ask for help. They hold themselves to the same high standards as they hold everyone else, and can make harsh masters. And a stiff upper lip is necessary to manage those vexing and inconvenient emotions that occasionally make themselves felt. But when Capricorn is at its best, it makes us all want to do better; to have their blessing and to make them proud. 

Fittingly, Capricorn also begins our calendar year, showing that the initiation and accomplishment of all great undertakings bear its signature.

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