Astrologer Laura Craig

Happy Birthday, Gemini!

Takato Yamamoto “Twin Roses”

May 20 - June 20, 2020

Trying to define Gemini is a bit like nailing jello to a tree, but one way you could do it would be to say that its natives are consistently inconsistent, predictably unpredictable, and invariably changeable. A Mercury-ruled mutable air sign, it can’t help itself, and nor should it. Gemini’s MO is to experience the world through the intellect, and to learn as much as possible as quickly as possible, which necessarily precludes staying in one place, or one job, or one relationship, or one persona forever and ever. Boredom, to a Gemini, is misery. But though they may appear frustratingly flakey and maddeningly aloof to the very earthy or the very watery, the Gemini soul really does have a raison d’être. Geminis are our storytellers and our wordsmiths. They bear witness to the life experience, usually through the gift of language. They do the observing, and then the comprehending, and then the communicating, and the rest of us are smarter for it. Your favorite teachers, journalists, rappers and authors probably have strong Gemini in their charts. 

Geminis’ superpower is the plasticity of their brains: they are adaptable and can fit in well almost anywhere; they are curious, which gives them a youthful quality they carry even into old age; they don’t get lost in the depths of their feelings and so don’t hold grudges; and they love a good conversation, which makes them easy to talk to, witty, friendly and engaging. But on the other side of that coin are all of the sign’s flaws: superficiality, impatience, fickleness, gossip, duplicity, short attention span, and not finishing things. To overcome those pitfalls, Gemini can learn from the big-picture thinking of Sagittarius (its polarity), the grounding influence of earth signs, or the emotional intelligence of water signs. It can also try to make friends with its mercurial nature and its many different faces. Gemini is happiest and healthiest when it is translating the world around itself, and novelty is fuel for its most important asset: the mind. 

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