Astrologer Laura Craig

Full Moon in Pisces

Illustration by Kinuko Y. Craft

September 20, 2021 // 28 Pisces

The Moon in Pisces tonight is full and fluid, and porous. What have you been absorbing? Under the influence of Neptune, we may lose track of time, or of ourselves, as we meander down memory lane, or into the mindscapes of our fantasies. In your daydreams, where do you go? With that faraway look in your eyes, what are you seeing? Life, Pisces tells us, is a kind of illusion, to be watched as if through film, or a glamorous haze. During this lunation, some of us will seek the surreal, others simple solitude. For some, it will feel heady and intoxicating; for others, wistful and poignant. But as long as we keep our feet on the ground, and our heads on our shoulders, we can, for a time, allow ourselves to drift, as this Moon is a reminder that, often, where we get lost, is where we can find ourselves.

Under this Moon we become poets, and mystics, and subject to their particular gift, and curse: that some things, some experiences, demand, yet defy, description, though we try to pin them down with words. As our satellite plays and parries with the Virgo Sun, the slippery, ineffable beauty and melancholy of this time of year—the quality of the light, perhaps, or the smell of the air—calls up something deep in the olfactory, mammalian, or past life memory. Small, fleeting reminders of eternity and perfection and magic and purity amidst the busy, the bodily, and the mundane backdrop of life. The wisdom of this transitory time, and of the Maiden and the Fish, you could say, is this: that all things are temporary, and all things are forever. 

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