Astrologer Laura Craig

Full Moon in Leo: All the Better to See You With

“Little Red Riding Hood” by Arthur Rackham

January 28, 2021  

9 Leo 

As the Leo Moon ripens into fullness overhead, we set off into the forest, the place of mystery and adventure. Who might we encounter, and what might be illuminated along the way? Ahead in one corner lies Taurus, where Mars and the Black Moon Lilith lie together, Uranus close by. In another direction are Venus and Pluto, having their tryst in Capricorn. And at the far end of the woods await the Sun and Jupiter in Aquarius, with Saturn not too far off. In this shadowy lunar landscape, with this cast of characters, appearances can be deceiving, and our eyes aren’t always to be trusted; we must feel our way through the fable. Maiden, Mother, Crone, Huntsman or Big Bad Wolf—who is who, and which is which? Are they hero or heroine, villain or victim?

The almanacs call the Full Moon of January the Wolf Moon. The sound of howling is said to be louder and clearer at this time of year in the Northern Hemisphere. I think the name is especially apt in this case; we can find the lupine lurking in many of our planetary configurations. The Moon, Mars, Jupiter (Zeus) and the Sun God Apollo have longstanding associations with wolves in European myth. Our long co-evolution with the species has deeply embedded them into our collective unconscious, where they can be both dangerous and protective, both mysterious and familiar. Under the influence of Lilith, Venus, Pluto, Uranus and Saturn, however, that animal archetype may morph, according to our unconscious fears and desires. Some may see the werewolf, a persecuted, savage figure. Others, the she-wolf, foster mother to heroes, and ally to gods and humans. And for others, the cunning predator with the ability to devour. 

Like the Moon card in the tarot, this lunation shines a light on the path we walk between our civilized selves and our wild origins. It also tells of potential illusions, deceptions, hidden truths, strange dreams and unconscious awakenings. As we descend further into the woods, we may see our wounds weaponized, our basic instincts demonized, or our innocence exploited. We may also find passion, drama, eroticism, bravery, and generosity in all the twists and turns. If we find ourselves in the belly of the beast, we may confront the mysteries of sexuality, fertility and the primal Feminine—and from there, feel a sense of resilience and rebirth. In your version of this adventure, will you be donning wolfskin, red cape, or nightgown? What will you carry as amulet—a hatchet, a basket of food, or a bundle of stones? There is a fairy tale alive in all of us, and this Full Moon is an opportunity to meet our inner child as well as our inner monster, to ask them what they need in order to be free and fulfilled, and in doing so, move closer to individuation and inner harmony.

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