Astrologer Laura Craig

Full Moon in Capricorn

“The Lady of Shalott” John William Waterhouse

June 24, 2021 // 3 Capricorn

Our first lunation after eclipse season has us navigating the straits between Cancer and Capricorn; an active, fertile place with rocky crags and promontories, caves and lagoons; on one side it is high and dry, and on the other, hot and humid. The Moon in Capricorn has wandered far from home, but she has her bearings, and plenty of backbone. She is in a feminine earth sign, ruled by Saturn in Aquarius, buoyed by Jupiter in Pisces, and conjunct Artemis, the maiden huntress. While she is here, she will feed herself from the garden of earthly delights and survey the wilderness of Capricorn’s cold mountain, before moving on. 

Our Horned Moon has the feel of a prehistoric reindeer deity, goddess of migratory paths, who leads her herd to food and water. To the Celts she was Elen of the Ways, guardian of roads and routes, who shined her lamp for the journeyer.

In the Sea Goat’s sign, she is both lighthouse keeper and lighthouse itself, a guiding light and symbol of safety amidst the unknown, but also a solitary, stolid and impartial figure, used to endurance and perseverance. 

The influence of Pisces and Aquarius adds to the romance and remoteness of our lunar heroine, and in another aspect she might recall Tennyson’s Lady of Shalott, enclosed in her tower, watching the world go by in the reflection of her mirror. She weaves the images she sees on her loom, day in and day out, until one day she is “half sick of shadows,” and blows that popsicle stand. To break the spell, and choose her own life, and even her own end. 

This Full Moon is a wayfaring Moon; a Moon of cardinal points and agency, concerned with finding our way home, whether that means going backward or forward, inward or outward. It is about finding our place in the world, and how we go about constructing a life; it is about following in the footsteps of others, while making a way for ourselves. Saturn and Jupiter have us playing with boundaries, and seeing how far we want to go: which way lies freedom and which way lies jeopardy. The Sun and the Moon together are teaching us how to build, to manifest, and to bring forth our creations into the world; and guiding us toward settlement and self-reliance. 

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