Astrologer Laura Craig


The Fool/Le Mat - Tarot of Marseilles

March 20-April 19, 2020

How will you learn courage in your life? Find Aries in your chart and that will tell you.

There is a part of all of us that has a will to live, that craves action, and that invites challenge. It’s called Aries. Those born under the sign will be attuned to that part especially. They will experience the archetypes of the warrior, the pioneer, the daredevil or the survivor as defining themes throughout their life. A cardinal fire sign, ruled by Mars, Aries does not come into this world to idly pass the time; it is here to get things done. To experience the full breadth of life. To burn hot, and move fast. And to be first at everything, preferably.

A supremely self-reliant sign, Aries believes in him or herself first before anyone else. The journey of life is about the call to action and the fight against stagnation. Aries needs a channel for all that energy or it will slip into its shadow: belligerence, arrogance and stubborn single-mindedness. When they have a cause to fight for, or healthy competition, and can feel on-purpose, these natives are capable of true greatness.

The sign of the Ram teaches us about the nature of bravery. If you never test yourself, how can you ever prove yourself? Aries says: If you’re not uncomfortable every now and then, you’re not doing it right. Every time we face our fears, every time we rise to a challenge, we increase our confidence. Aries confronts fear–faces it head-on–and in doing so, feels alive.

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